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Lace closures vs silk closures

Lace closures vs silk closures

In comparison to the silk closure, the lace closure is naturally thinner and more flexible; it will easily conform to your head, resulting in a flat and seamless install the wig. However, the knots on the lace closure are visible with obvious grid lines, which can be quite noticeable if they’re not tweaked first.


Lace Closures:

Are made with a Lace-like foundation with hair stands and embedded into tiny holes.


  • Pros: It gives a scalp-like appearance when placed against your skin or natural scalp. It also allows for a very flat and easy application that will make your install look natural.


  • Cons: You will need to do some tweaking to lace closures to achieve the best results. We recommend a stylist or experience individual help you bleach the knots. Why do you need.to do that extra work your thinking. It’s because the hair stands are directly embedded into the sheer lace meet are visible when placed against your skin. So bleaching helps get rid of the grid like effect the dots create. If you do it wrong you risk running your closure to repair you can use eyeliner as a cover up. Alternatively, you may add concealer or foundation to the lace for an EASY ROUTE to achieve a natural appearance.




silk base closures´╝Ü

Our Silk Base Closure (Size 4×4″) is the most natural looking closure on the market. Silk Base Front Closure is a Closure that is worn with a weave to give a natural looking hairline; the Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closure, and therefore can be parted and styled in any way.


Silk Closures are made of a thicker fabric than lace. Some people prefer silk because the fabric will look as if the hair is growing from your scalp and the base is thick enough to hide the braids underneath. Silk Closures normally run light in color so you may have to tint the fabric to match your skin color or use foundation that is the color of your skin in the parting area.

Some silk closures give a thicker appearance than lace around the hair line leaving a line of demarcation.

Ever wonder what a silk base closure is? As the name implies, a silk closure is a square of fabric that hair is hand-tied into, giving the illusion of a scalp. Silk base closures can be sewn into wigs, or, can be sewn onto the wearer’s natural braids, and can blend into sewn-in hair extensions.


Whats the difference between lace closure and closure?

Remember closures only cover a small portion of the front of the install making it impossible to pull back the sides without exposing tracks. A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull back off of your face.

Which is better closure or lace front?

Lace frontals are more comfortable than lace closures because it provides a more realistic look to your hair than lace closure. Friendly to hair and scalp: Lace frontals let your hair breathe freely because it does not cover all your scalp and hair. It causes less or no damage to your scalp health.

What are the different types of closures?

  • Types of closures
  • Screw top.
  • Crown cap.
  • Snap on.
  • Friction fit.
  • Tamper-evident.
  • Spray Bottle.
  • Child-resistant.