April 24, 2024

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How to organise your workshop

There never seems to be enough ideas to go around when it comes to organising storage for workshops and garages, and organisation is more than just a matter of putting in a few extra shelves. There needs to be some powerful ideas for organisation to get anywhere with a very messy workshop.

The good news is several such ideas can be made use of.

Build higher

Pallet racks are commonly used in industrial spaces and are excellent, providing there is sufficient room. It is important to consider the issue of access to higher areas however, as while larger specs and forklifts may be available to many in the industry, this may not be possible for smaller shops.

Storage solutions can, however be adapted to offer access with a bit of ingenuity. One good tip is to use pull-out shelves on top of one another so that the lower shelves help give access to those on the top.

Going deeper

After you have used up the floor-to-ceiling option, the next step is to go deeper; access is the secret to this. If shelves are placed behind shelves, this begs the question of how to access them easily.

One good tip is to have the front shelves mounted on floor tracks that allow them to slide and offer access to the back shelves. Old filing cabinets can also come in handy. An old metal cabinet can come with deep storage and great tool holders.

Metal cabinets

In addition to offering deep storage, a metal cabinet can also come with several other benefits. Metal cabinets can aid in the design of a workshop layout that can enhance productivity and offer the ultimate experience for users.

Metal cabinets also offer the ability to get organised by offering superior functionality and storage. While often associated with filing cabinets in offices, metal cabinets can also help keep tools carefully organised, making it quicker and easier to find the needed item.

Placing shelves or drawers under all work surfaces

Rolling tool cabinets provide instant drawers for storage and look great i almost any environment. It is also easy to put a work surface on them. Put two rolling cabinets that are waist-high in size together and place them under an appropriately sized work surface. Have the work surface bolted to the cabinets and you have created a rolling cart with an almost limitless array of possibilities.

Make use of marginalised spaces in ends and gaps

There is a lot of marginal space left over in workshops where shelves and tool cabinets will not fit. However, that space can still be useful. Rafters and the side of a cabinet can all be adopted as storage space for smaller items.

Organising a workshop and being less messy will make the space more efficient and fun. For the best metal cabinet options, look no further than RS