April 25, 2024

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The last thing customers want to see is that after the PCB assembly is completed, or even after the product assembly is completed, they find that there is a problem with the PCB, causing great losses. Even though the PCB design is perfect, the entire manufacturing process is complex and affected by many factors. There can be hundreds of components and solder joints on a board in thousands, and without adequate validation, a PCB can also exhibit poor functionality. Jhdpcb understands this, so we believe that testing printed circuit boards (PCBs) is very important, as testing can help detect problems at an early stage, increase yield and reduce costs, and improve overall quality and safety. Since every testing way with advantages and disadvantages, it is hard to say which one is best for your testing. To better understand how PCB testing can enhance PCB products,let’s learn more about the benefits of PCB testing as well as the various ways to test PCBs.


The Benefits of PCB Electrical Testing

Find bugs: The main benefit of PCB electrical test is that it can effectively recognize bugs in the PCB. Whether the problem is functional, manufacturable, or otherwise, PCB testing identifies issues in PCB design and layout so designers can make adjustments accordingly.


Reduce costs: PCB testing prevents waste from producing defective products by using prototyping and small-quatities assemblies to test products. By accomplishing overall testing early in the design procedure, designers can prevent the bulk production of defective PCBs, in order to ensure the design is as perfect as possible before it goes into production This step helps to reduce production costs significantly.


Saves time: In the long run, early-stage PCB testing helps save time, to allow designers to recognize major problem during the prototyping step. Complete testing enables designers to quickly and easily discover the root cause of problems and make adjustments so they can continue production faster and reduce product lead times.


Reduced return rate: When a company conducts PCB testing, it can effectively reduce the chance of selling defective products or products that do not meet performance standards. This reduces costs associated with refunding customers and handling defective merchandise.In addition, reducing returns can make better customer satisfaction and company reputation enhanced.


Improved safety: Because PCBs are often used in fundamental electronics technology, their nonsuccess result in significant problems for a company’s productive forces or an Organizational skills. Defective PCBs may cause accidents such as fire, and in severe cases may cause injuries to nearby workers. Pre-manufacturing testing also ensures that machines and workers are not damaged or injured by improper design during production.


Although thorough testing of all types of PCBs is not required, especially ones that are already technically mature. But most new and custom PCB designs require regular testing of the design procedure. JHD provides customers with high quality and reliable PCBs by establishing proper PCB testing procedures for their needs.


What is Metal Core PCB?

A metal core PCB (MCPCB) is a PCB with a metal material as the substrate and one side of the board is covered with thick metal, often referred to as a thermal PCB or a metal backplane PCB. It is an excellent substitute for standard FR4 material circuit boards in application scenarios with high temperature, high load and high dimensional stability requirements. The purpose of the MCPCB core is to transfer heat from critical circuit board components to less critical areas, such as metal heat sink backings. It is widely used because of its excellent heat dissipation, dimensional stability, high hardness, higher operational safety, good signal transmission and easy processing. The heat dissipation of MCPCB is greater than that of FR-4 PCB or CEM-1 PCB. JHD is committed to creating high-quality and high-standard MCPCBs for customers at the best cost.


JHDPCB can produce all kinds of Metal core PCB, such as:

  • Single-sided aluminum PCBs
  • Double-sided aluminum PCBs
  • High thermal aluminum PCBs
  • Heavy Copper PCBS
  • Single-sided Copper PCBS
  • Double-sided Copper PCBS

No matter what kind of metal core PCB you are looking for, JHDPCB can help you in supplying high-quality PCB in any quantity while maintaining extreme quality and on-time delivery.