February 29, 2024

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Yamaha YZF R15 has more Features than the Bike

Yamaha considers YZF R15 to be the most potent bike, not only in the R15 series but amongst all other models in the market right now!



Yamaha has released a third-generation YZF R15 which has more potential than any other bike in the market right now. The YZF looks terrific with the new upgraded design and also incorporates a balanced overall design. In terms of features, Yamaha has provided an abundance in this model. The bike has more features than you can count and will turn out to be the best choice for enthusiasts and consumers exploring the market in its price range.


Yamaha YZF R15 Design Features

YZF R15 V3.0 is more attractive, more powerful, provides more hardware, and is indeed faster. Though appearance may be subjective, R15 V3.0 guarantees the versatility of its style. The design is balanced so well overall, it doesn’t feel forced or extra. The earlier R15 design was disappointing, but the work was perfect. The new design features breathtaking dual-eye LED headlights which are connected by a duct. The bubble mask is perfectly integrated and feels firm. The gills on the fuel tank (now 11 liters instead of 12 liters) have R1 written all over it, and the same goes for the rear.


Another nice touch is the two-tone painting, especially the blue and black model, and the bright red with matte gray stands out. This provides the YZF R15  with design agility and aggressiveness. In this new upgrade, the digital instrument cluster is horizontally placed with the backlights and shift-light in the same shade. The bike is definitely rich in content, but not complicated. In general, the appearance of YZF R15 will have electromagnetic effects on potential buyers, and it is not difficult to see why.

Get a taste of all the heavenly features a sports bike should have on the YZF R15!


Yamaha YZF R15 Specs

The basic design of the liquid-cooled 155cc SOHC four-valve engine sounds familiar, but the current effect is quite different. To make the situation clearer, the engine now has a larger diameter of 1mm and hence an increase of 6cc. It also comprises new intake and exhaust systems, and variable valve actuation (VVA). The VVA system essentially uses a solenoid valve control mechanism, which uses a low-cam rocker arm and a high-cam rocker arm. This has obvious effects. Not to mention that the engine now produces 19.3 horsepower. The maximum torque at 10,000 rpm is 15 Nm and the maximum torque at 6,500 rpm is 15 Nm, which significantly improves performance. The safety clutch is also upgraded, making the R15 V3.0 the first 150cc bike in India to offer this feature. The result is an easy-to-use clutch lever and rear wheel, no longer manifesting sudden speed changes and jumps.


Compared with the Yamaha YZF R15 sold internationally, the Indian version has no inverted forks and replaced it with a 41mm telescopic fork that is thicker than before. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because the front fork is progressive. It feels good for hard braking and fast steering. However, the compound single electric shock feels harder than the old R15. Although the R15 has a higher roadside weight (139 kg; 3 kg heavier than the V2.0), the YZF is much more compact and fast. Unlike the first-generation model, not everything is so natural. This is also due to the shorter wheelbase (1325 mm, a reduction of 20 mm) and reduced suspension travel (88 mm instead of 98 mm). Also the aerodynamics plays an important role to make a fast bike even faster, thus it allows the bike to eat bikes like the TVS apache 200 and Pulsar ns 200 for breakfast when it comes to the top end. Overall, it is more clinically meaningful than ever, and for those who love track days, this is extremely good news.

Finally a sports bike with all the upgraded features is available in a budget-friendly range!



The riding geometry of the Yamaha YZF R15 is more committed to making riding an enjoyable experience. The seat height has now increased by 15 mm (815 mm) and the clip-ons have been lowered. Engine and gearbox are a perfect match made in heaven, and this combination ultimately converts into a happy rider. This entry level sports bike is build to be fast and tight, and everything is delivered in a linear and gradual manner. The top speed being 135 km/h is also excellent, and it feels very good even near the red line. All things considered, the YZF being offered at Rs. 1.25 lakhs is a steal for every rider out there.